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 Nova And Stranger

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PostSubject: Nova And Stranger   Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:40 pm

Nova: She walked over to Stranger and said "Hello honey" she said sweetly and then nuzzled him gently....

Stranger: He nuzzled her back and said "Hello love, how are you?" he said curiously.

Nova: She looked at him in the eyes and said "I`m doing great! I can`t believe that this is our new home now! We have a nice river and everything! And it`s also great for Neutral horses like us!" She said happily.

Stranger: He smiled happily and said "Yeah, your right. This is the perfect place for us. We`re very blessed to have found this land to claim" he said proudly.

Nova: She smiled again and said "Yeah, we are very blessed" she said and started to graze peacefully.

Stranger: He nuzzled her once more and started grazing happily beside her.
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Nova And Stranger
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