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 The Flock Arrives...

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PostSubject: The Flock Arrives...   Sat Oct 03, 2009 5:14 pm

Max~ i land and fold my wings against my body. I look around, then whistle for the flock to come.

Fang~ I land beside her and look around. "Are we staying here?"

Max~ I nod

Iggy~ I land softly, then look around, not being able to see where we are as I was blind

Gazzy~ I land beside Iggy

Iggy~ "Gazzy, be my eyes," I say

Gazzy~ i tell him where we were

Nudge/Angel~ We land softly, looking around.

Angel~ I walk over to Max. "Are we staying here?"

Max~ I nod. "For now. It looks safe enough..." my voice trailed off as I look at my surroundings, then at the flock again.
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The Flock Arrives...
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