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 A dog with attitude;;

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PostSubject: A dog with attitude;;   Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:53 pm

I wouldn't get on the wrong side of me,
My bite is worse than my bark.
Stay on my good side,
And I promise I shall attempt not to attack.
No guarentees though.




Just natural colourings, Black and Tan

Mane & Tail Color:
I do believe dogs do not have manes. But if mistaken, Black. (:


He is a protective beast, Watches out for Markus with a vengence. Only Markus can touch him. He has been with Markus since he was 8 months. Kept by the same friends that Charisma was when Markus was in and out of jail. He is a complete sweetheart to Markus, but would attack anyone if prevoked. If you see him with Markus, beware because he does not hesitate to bark or attack. If quiet and gentle around him he should be fine. He came from a puppy mill and Markus was looking for a dog to protect, and Oscar was perfect.

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A dog with attitude;;
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